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Hollywood continues to search for success adapting Japanese manga stories into live action films. Of course, they pretend to profit the same way they have done with comic movies.

However, it does not matter what is done, the last failure is Ghost in the Shell, production lured the best-paid actress -Scarlett Johansson- to take the main role, and it barely make a profit.

In contrast, Captain America: Civil War, was able to gain more than one billion dollars.

In addition, this is not the only manga adaptation that has suffered. Oldboy, from filmmaker Spike Lee was a total bust; it only obtained 5 million dollars in theaters with a loss of 20 million.

This fail attempt was a remake from a cult film by Parl Chan-Wook.

Moreover, if you talk about unsuccessful films, maybe you heard about Dragon Ball Evolution, a 2009 film that dared to adapt the best-known manga histories in the US, and simply destroyed it.

Ghost in the Shell has a complex story behind, and you cannot show everything in a two-hour movie. In addition, if you add that director Rupert Sanders is not a fan of manga nor anime; the results as a whole were expected.

Knowledge is key, and if producers, directors and consumers outside Japan are not aware of the characters and stories, do not expect a good movie soon.

More manga adaptations on the works

  • Death Note. Netflix will premiere its version in August 2017.
  • Alita: Battle Angel. Robert Rodriguez is the director.
  • Akira. Jordan Peele or Daniel Espinosa could direct.

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