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From time to time, a new fantasy anime comes out, and magic and conflict are spread around a legendary world. Arsland Senki, might have a bit of everything to keep you watching it. And the OP theme song, performed by Eir Aoi, starts our TRAX Spring 2015 special.

Eir is well known by themes from anime series, such as Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Sword Art Online or Kill la Kill.

Next, we can hear Maon Kurosaki, a singer-songwriter from Tokyo. She started singing at a venue in Akihabara, and one day producer Akihiro Tomita noticed her and invited to join start a career, later she signed with Geneon and made her debut in 2010. Now, she performs the Grisaia no Rakuen opening.

After her, we find Kano, well known for singing anime covers in Nico Nico. Her soft voice helped her sign a recording contract in 2015, and now she performs the OP theme for the Houkago no Pleiades series.

A little later we find Mimi Meme MIMI, a music unit composed by Yuki Takao and Chamoui. They debuted with a song titled ‘Sentimental Love’ in 2013, and now they perform the ending song in the Yamada-kun to 7nin no Majo anime.

They are followed by LOCAL CONNECT, the members previously performed with other groups and joined to form this new rock band. The five-member group made its live performance debut in February 2015. The vocals are provided by Isato and Daiki. Now, they gain notoriety thanks to the Ore Monogatari series.

After them, you can listen to Miho Karasawa, who performs under her stage name TRUE, performing the Hibike Euphonium opening theme. She has performed songs in several series like Buddy Complex or Junketsu no Maria.

We follow the special with a change in rhythm, starting with Passepied, Mikako Kumatsu and Plasmagica, one of the bands featured in the Show by Rock anime.

Finally, we end up fast with Yoshino Nanojou and ChouCho, a singer from Osaka, who started her career with the Lotus Lotus band in 2007. Since then, she has performed several anime themes, including our closing theme from High School DxD BorN.

Happy listening!

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  • Arslan Senki – Lapis Lazuli [Eir Aoi]
  • Grisaia no Rakuen – Setsuna no Kajitsu [Maon Kurosaki]
  • Houkago no Pleiades – Stella-rium [Kano]
  • Re-Kan – Colorful Story [Everying]
  • Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu – Arigatou, Daisuki [Minori Chihara]
  • Yamada-kun to 7nin no Majo – CANDY MAGIC [Mimi Meme MIMI]
  • Ore Monogatari – Shiawase no Ari ka [LOCAL CONNECT]
  • Hibike Euphonium – DREAM SOLISTER [TRUE]
  • Shokugeki no Souma – Sacchan no Sexy Curry [Oomori Seiko]
  • Kyoukai no RINNE – Toki no Wa [Passepied]
  • Nissekoi 2 – TrIGgER [Mikako Komatsu]
  • Show By Rock – Seishun wa Non-Stop [Plasmagica]
  • Grisaia no Rakuen – Tasogare no Starlight [Yoshino Nanojou]
  • High School DxD BorN – BLESS YoUr NAME [ChouCho]

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