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Viewers that don’t find the Moetan and Kodomo no Jikan anime funny are probably irrevocably opposed to anime starring small girls. For the sake of convenience, I’ll refer to this genre as “Lolita anime” meaning “moe” anime featuring preadolescent looking bishoujo. I doubt that there’s anything I could say which would change the opinion of someone adamantly opposed to Lolita anime. So, instead, I’ll address my response to viewers who are uncertain about the genre.

It’s a mistake to say that the Moetan and Kodomo no Jikan anime are “unintentionally funny.” On the contrary, the humor in both of these programs is very intentional. Both program knowingly emphasize risque humor, and the Moetan anime is filled with cameos and homages to a variety of other anime titles.

The fact that the risque humor in both Moetan and “Kojika” is intentional and overt is precisely what prevents the shows from “going too far.” Both series are satires, so, as often happens, casual observers who haven’t experienced these shows and their content in context react reflexively with shock and indignation.

The argument may be made that I’m giving to much credit to anime that’s only intention is to create exploitive titillation. I can rebut that argument with the logic that if the only goal of the Moetan and Kodomo no Jikan anime was to provide sexual gratification for viewers, these shows could and would be anime in the vein of Little Monica Monogatari and Imoutojiru – title that are straightforward pornography featuring young looking girls.

But that’s not what Moetan and Kodomo no Jikan are, suggesting that they have a different goal than anime like Little Monica Monogatari. The Moetan anime includes the adult male character Ah-kun, who adores flat chested little girls but isn’t attracted to fully developed adult women.

The Moetan anime also frequently puts its protagonists Ink-chan and Sumi-chan in provocative positions. Ah-kun’s nosebleeds, drooling, and ogling, and the absurdity of the poses Ink-chan sometimes finds herself in are so exaggerated and emphasized that, within the context of the episode these scenes occur in, they can only be rationally interpreted as parody. There’s simply nothing sexy or sensual about these scenes when they occur in the Moetan anime because they’re always so absurd or slapstick.

Similarly, the Kodomo no Jikan OVA develops multiple comical, one-sided love affairs, and frequently depicts double-entendre that’s so obvious that it forces rational viewers to become conscious of their own observations. The sexual references in the Kojika OVA are literally embarrassingly obvious. They’re so overt that they cause rational viewers to become embarrassed by their own interpretation of sexual meaning in routine events. Furthermore, the sex jokes in the Kojika OVA are so blunt that they force a reaction of outrage and surprise.

In effect, the sexual references and overt sexuality in the Kodomo no Jikan OVA isn’t erotic or sensual; it’s funny because it’s so unexpectedly forthright and obvious. Instead of being titillating, the content of the Kojika OVA is consciously designed to shock viewers into recognizing precisely how inappropriate the situations depicted really are.

The Moetan and Kojika anime are funny because they force viewers to become aware of their own reactions. Unlike straightforward pornography that’s designed to be sexually stimulating, Moetan and Kodomo no Jikan are funny because they’re so cute and so wrong at the same time.

Also, keep in mind that foreign critics have a lessened ability to attack the propriety of anime. Anime is an extension of contemporary Japanese culture, so its cultural responsibility must be measured relative to Japanese society. The Moetan or Kodomo no Jikan anime might be deemed wholly immoral and obscene in the strictly conservative religious American Bible Belt, but that’s not the audience the anime was made for. More at: AN

In the end, you decide which shows you want to follow or not.


  • timlim says:

    Well said… well said… but hey, I’m a Christian, and I believe that there’s nothing wrong with these shows. It’s purely humorous only.

  • ware4me says:

    I guess it also depends on the culture, it is not the same if you are a Christian in North America, or one in Europe or Middle East… specially in the Middle East. 😮

    In the end it is free will, you decide what you want to watch, and if you don’t like it, all you have to do is turn off the tv, or delete your file from the computer. :p

  • Zer0 says:

    i dont think anythings wrong with it personally, and i got some friends who would more than agree with from another forum sit who would probably post about 20 or so random, ecchi and very very non-work safe loli picks to go along with there hate for the people would say they say dont like loli animes. i would too but i just dont feel like uploading so many pics. but i usually do at least one.

  • ware4me says:

    Aww! You only posted the thumbnail image, no URL to the actual pic. 🙁

    Yeah, it depends how you watch a show, and what you get out of it. :drop:

  • Zer0 says:

    Oh so u like ehh!? well then dont mind if i do. 🙂 ill post another… just because.

    warning… images are huge. hope you like. (if you want more just say the word)

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